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Clock Cleaning

A clock cannot be properly cleaned without completely disassembling the movement.  The complete disassembly of the clock movement not only allows the clock to be fully and properly cleaned, but also allows a thorough inspection of the movement that will reveal any other problems that might not be evident when the clock is assembled.


Clock Repair Prices

The work that a clock may need depends upon many things, including the age and type of the clock, length of time since the clock was last serviced, and any damage that may have been done to the clock.

While it is not possible to quote an accurate repair cost until the clock has been examined (and possibly dismantled), the links to the left provide information on typical labor costs (not including parts) for an average cleaning and repair.  These labor costs include disassembly, cleaning, polishing all pivots, installing bushings in all pivot holes that show significant wear, reassembly, oiling, adjustment, and testing. Clocks with additional features, and those needing repairs due to more extensive damage, wear, etc., will require extra work.  The customer will be given an estimate of the total repair cost before the work is begun.



Repair work and all replacement movements are covered by my three year guarantee, and are expected to be trouble-free for longer than that.  The guarantee does not cover mainsprings that break, or any damage they might cause.  Mainsprings are inspected and replaced if they are cracked.  However, it is not possible to know when or if a mainspring will break.  This guarantee becomes void if problems are caused by mishandling, negligence, or if repairs have been attempted by others.


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