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 Special Projects
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Most of the instruments that I restored  were player pianos and reed organs. However, I was occasionally asked to work on something a little more out of the ordinary. The following are instruments that I have restored or extensively repaired:

Ampico grand and upright reproducing pianos
Duo-Art grand and upright reproducing pianos
Coinola Cupid cabinet nickelodeon
Peerless nickelodeon
Seeburg L cabinet nickelodeon
Seeburg C nickelodeon
Western Electric Mascot cabinet nickelodeon
Wurlitzer Pianino nickelodeon
Wurlitzer IX nickelodeon

Wurlitzer C orchestrion

Cozatt calliope
National calliope
Tangley calliope
Wurlitzer 105 band organ
Wurlitzer 125 band organ

Tanzbar player concertina


              Wurlitzer C Orchestrion                                                  Peerless Nickelodeon



     Wurlitzer Pianino                             Seeburg L                                    Coinola Cupid


                Wurlitzer 125 Band Organ                                        Wurlitzer 105 Band Organ

            (yes, that's me - a few years ago)


                       Cozatt Calliope                                                           National Calliope




I have also built a small 28 note band organ from two different sets of plans, plus some of my own designs.  The organ plays from Wurlitzer 125 band organ rolls.












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